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Be a Dynamite

Ready to Serve

Discover yourself in God, through your service. 

Welcome and Ushering team 

Role :  To welcome and usher in the crowd, making them feel welcome.


We seek volunteers desiring to share their warmth and welcoming joy with others by simply giving a friendly smile and/or wave to make people feel welcome.


Media & Production Team

Role:  To ensure production of our services are to the highest standard and ensuring that online church are also part of what we do. 

We see Volunteers to work with the team to bring together various events and activities of the church, ensuring a wonderful audio-visual worship experience at all church services and programs.


We are committed to ensuring a fulfilled time. We are responsible for all Production for the church from audio to lighting to Stage - Video. We are also responsible for posting on social media. 


Central Office

Role: To support the mission and vision of our church through administrative tasks

Our team is about using your administrative gifts and talents.We serve here in the Ministry Office to assist various teams on the campus with administrative tasks. If you have a heart for administration and can serve 30 mins to 10 hours a week alongside a team, we can certainly use your gifts and talents.



Role: To Support with transportation where possible, for individuals and our events



Our Team are dedicated to ensuring that individuals locally without transportation have access to church. Do you have a car or a minibus and happy to pick/drop people to church please contact us and we will like to hear from you. Also, logistics team are responsible for ensuring that equipments are transported to different sites.



Vip Ride

Worship Team

Worship experience team at TAM church is a diverse community of artists committed to using the ministries of music, dance, singing, visual arts, technical arts, and production to create experiences where all people are inspired to worship God.

There are multiple opportunities for you to join us in ministering to others through the TAM worship tea (Throne Grace Worshippers) Worship Team.
Click the link below to find out more


Welfare & Hospitality

Role: We cater to the needs of others, Hospital visitation

Catering for Events  

Anyone within the church community going through hard times.

If you/ or someone within the community that you know are in need of the welfare team services, Simply visit our church office to complete a form or simply contact the admin line. 

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